In addition to consignment of outdoor gear and clothing, we also offer repair services.  Nils learned professional outdoor gear repair at the Repair Lair in Minneapolis,

and is thrilled to offer many of the same services here at the
Great Lakes Gear Exchange!

Nils offers the following services:
-Zipper repair on jackets, sleeping bags, tents, and soft-sided packs

-Shock cord replacement in tent poles

-Sewing patches on tents

Cost estimates:

-Slider replacement on jacket or sleeping bag: $15-20

-Slider replacement on pack/bag or tent zipper: $20/slider
-Full zipper replacement (non-factory) on jacket: $50-75

-Full zipper replacement on tent: $20 for first foot, $10 for each additional foot

-Shock cord replacement in tent poles: $25 per string (each continuous section of cord)

-Patching of tent nylon or screen: $60/hr (with most in the 30 to 60 min range)


Turn-Around Time:

-1 to 2 weeks unless communicated otherwise

Nils accepts repairs during store hours (11-6) Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays, or by appointment.

Questions? Email: 

Notes on Repair Fees:

*Payment is collected when repairs are picked up (after completion)

**Final repair cost will never exceed quote, unless communicated in advance

***Repairs to clothing items are taxed in MN, whereas repairs to gear (backpacks, tents, etc.) are non-taxed